Are You Doing Any Of These 5 Common Habits That Zap Your Energy?

Are You Doing Any Of These 5 Common Habits That Zap Your Energy?

Are you feeling tired after a full night of sleep? Do you crash mid-day, especially after lunch time? Many of us have been engrained to believe that this is just the ‘American way’, burning that midnight oil and fueling it with a jolt of java when we need it. The truth is, fatigue, like a headache, muscle ache or runny nose, is a symptom that something isn’t right with your health. Taking a pill for pain or downing a cup of coffee to fight off fatigue only addresses the symptom, and not the root of the problem.

Fatigue can often be a symptom of something we are doing wrong. While there can be many different causes, we’ve listed below some of the most common. It’s also a good idea to check with your physician.

Here are 5 common causes of fatigue

  1. Not drinking enough water: Being tired can be a sign that you are not getting enough water. Even mild dehydration can cause fatigue, tiredness and low energy, according to the Mayo Clinic and a 2012 study published in the Journal of Nutrition. Even if you THINK you are drinking enough water, try adding 2-3 extra glasses of water each day.
  2. Not exercising: Adults who exercised as little as 20 minutes for three days a week reported feeling less fatigued and more energized, according to a study from the University of Georgia. Exercise can also improve your mood and help keep your weight down. If going to the gym isn’t your cup of tea, even going for a brisk walk outdoors can be beneficial.
  3. Not getting enough iron: Extreme fatigue is one of the top symptoms of iron deficiency, which can also cause weakness, chest pain, infections, headaches, inflammation and many other symptoms, according to the Mayo Clinic. You don’t have to eat red meat to get your daily dose of iron. Dark leafy greens and beans are a great source. In fact, our 5-Bean Chili offers 25% of your recommended daily iron intake in just 1 serving!
  4. You don’t eat enough: Healthy food is your body’s energy source, so skipping meals lowers the amount of energy you’re bringing into your body. Our canned vegetarian foods make it easy, affordable convenient to eat healthy, even if you are on the go. All you have to do is pop open a can of 5-Bean Chili and heat. It’s already seasoned to perfection. If you have more time make a delicious vegetarian chicken parm dish with our Chik’n Patty. Just heat, put on top of pasta, add sauce and cheese and you’re ready to go! Check out all of our convenient products on our website:
  5. Drinking too much caffeine: Caffeine can dehydrate you, which causes fatigue. Your feelings of fatigue may lead you to drink more coffee, which only makes the problem worse. Limit your caffeine intake and drink plenty of water each day.

By making simple changes to our daily lifestyle and eating healthier foods, we can combat a host of unpleasant ailments, like fatigue. If you experience fatigue often, talk to your doctor and see if any of the reasons listed above could be the cause.

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