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With great new
flavors and great new texture, TUNO is now available at ASDA!

Safe seafood alternative

A better and safe seafood alternative. Turn the Tide with TUNO and save our oceans! Take the Pledge Below!

TUNO, Seafood Alternative

TUNO – A seafood alternative. Use TUNO in any recipe you would traditionally use tuna for an ocean-safe meal.

Kim Saeed
Kim SaeedGreat for making "tuna" salad
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I purchased this to see if it was anything close to real tuna. They've done a great job with the texture. I've been making "tuna" salad with vegan mayo and this stuff is great prepared that way. Not a huge fan of eating it straight from the can, but can't go wrong using this stuff in "tuna" salad.
Declan E.
Declan E.YES to TUNO!
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Been looking for a solid tuna alternative since I've switched to an all plant-based diet and I discovered Loma Linda and their new item, TUNO. I'm so glad I did. The taste is just like the tuna I remember but I can rest assured that it's completely vegan. I mainly make sandwiches and salads, but I can see a lot of different recipes with this product. I like that they're shelf-stable too. With a little vegan mayonnaise mixed in, you can make a lot of recipes pretty quickly. Love it!
Jim S.
Jim S.This product is a classic!
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My family prefers this Vegan tuna alternative over any of the others. We use it for TUNO melts, TUNO sandwiches and our favorite TUNO casserole. We prepare the TUNO Casserole with imagine portabella soup, noodles of your choice, organic peas, Vegan cheese panko and chips on top and bake it! Great to be able to enjoy comfort food as a vegan.

Loma Linda Vegan TUNO Green Olive and Dill Tuna Salad

Get creative with Loma Linda’s Vegan TUNO and whip up a batch of this delicious salad in minutes. For a perfect lunch, pair it up with some greens and make lettuce wraps or stuff it in a pita and call it a party!

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