TUNO Thai Sweet Chili Wrap


TUNO Thai Sweet Chili Wrap

Roll up the perfect lunch, with these TUNO wraps. Add a new kick to your lunchtime routine and enjoy plant-based Thai Sweet Chili TUNO anytime: in a wrap like this recipe, topped on a salad, or spoon onto your favorite crackers!  

SERVINGS: Makes 2 wraps.


1 can Loma Linda Thai Sweet Chili TUNO

½ avocado, mashed

30g onion, diced

30g celery, diced

½ red bell pepper, cut into thin strips

10g spinach

1 small tomato, sliced

2 flour tortillas


First, make the TUNO salad. Drain the TUNO. Then, combine the TUNO, avocado, onion, and celery in a small bowl. Mix well. Assemble each wrap. Place some spinach, tomato slices, and pepper strips in the center of a wrap. Top with half of the TUNO mixture. Roll up the wrap like a burrito, tucking in the ends. Slice in half and enjoy!