Atlantic Natural Foods Donates $150,000 of Loma Linda Food to Hurricane Victims in the Southeast

September 16, 2017
Atlantic Natural Foods Donates $150,000 of Loma Linda Food to Hurricane Victims in the Southeast
NASHVILLE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC, (ANF) today announced it will provide relief to the great people of South Texas and Florida dealing with the tragedy and aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The leading producer of shelf-stable plant-based protein will be donating $150,000 of its iconic Loma Linda vegetarian products.
The Loma Linda brand has a long, rich history of providing vegetable based proteins to health-conscious individuals. The Seventh-day Adventist community has long been part of that history and is contributing to the current relief efforts by providing Atlantic Natural Foods with key distribution points in affected areas.

To undertake this initiative, Atlantic Natural Foods is partnering with Clark Distributing in Hendersonville, TN who is working closely with the Texas Conference leadership and Adventist Book Center (ABC) stores under the supervision of Manager Mickey Johnson …

Atlantic Natural Foods Donates $100,000 of Loma Linda Vegetarian Food to the Seventh-day Adventist Community in South Texas Affected by Hurricane Harvey

September 4, 2017
Atlantic Natural Foods Donates $100,000 of Loma Linda Vegetarian Food to the Seventh-day Adventist Community in South Texas Affected by Hurricane Harvey
NASHVILLE, N.C.—Steve Morris, COO of Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC of Nashville, N.C. released the following statement today:
“With the full support of the owners of Atlantic Natural Foods, we have made a commitment to provide relief to the Seventh-day Adventist community and the great people of South Texas dealing with the tragedy and aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We will be doing what we can to provide assistance by donating Loma Linda vegetarian products in the amount of $100,000. This is a combined effort with Clark Distributing in Hendersonville, TN who is working closely with the Texas Conference leadership and Adventist Book Center store under the supervision of Manager Mickey Johnson.”
As part of the effort, Clark Distributing picked up vegetarian food products today destined to the …

Atlantic Natural Foods and Pataya Food Group Revolutionize Shelf-Stable Plant Protein Meal Solutions with New Partnership

Nashville, N.C. and Bangkok, Thailand — Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC, (ANF) the leading producer of shelf-stable plant-based protein and owner of the iconic Loma Linda® brand, along with Pataya Food Group, a leading producer and innovator of “protein” based products under the Nautilus and other private label brands around the world, are announcing a strategic partnership to create a complete range of shelf-stable pouch meals made from plant-based proteins. The exclusive agreement will initially impact ANF’s recently announced Loma Linda “Blue” meal solutions which will hit the North American market by summer 2017.
The Loma Linda “Blue” launch will consist of 16 meal solutions that are packed in shelf-stable, easy to grab-on-the-go, individual microwavable pouches that can be prepared in one minute to support the growth of a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. The initial offerings will include a collection of tasteful, portable, and creative healthy meal solutions from around the world. …

Atlantic Natural Foods Wraps Up Acquisition of Loma Linda Brand

NASHVILLE, N.C. — Two years after AFT Holdings, Inc.’s subsidiary Atlantic Natural Foods, L.L.C. (ANF) reached an agreement with Battle Creek, Mich.-based Kellogg Co. to acquire the Loma Linda brand of canned shelf-stable alternative meat analog products, the Kaffree Roma alternative coffee beverage unit, and licensing rights to the Worthington Foods brand, the deal is finally done.

AFT Holdings on Oct. 3 said it has made the final payment to purchase the Loma Linda and Worthington Foods shelf stable business from Kellogg.

Since 2014, ANF has integrated and managed the Loma Linda and Worthington business, Kaffree Roma, and the collection of neat gluten- and soy-free nut based protein alternatives and the neat egg line of vegan products.

ANF had been the sole producer of the Loma Linda and Worthington products since 2008, but they previously had been marketed by Kellogg until the two companies agreed to a deal in October 2014. At …

Atlantic Natural Foods Announces Progressive Employee Benefits

NASHVILLE, N.C.— Atlantic Natural Foods (ANF), the leading U.S. producer and marketer of shelf stable of plant-based protein alternatives products and owner of the Loma Linda, neat®, and Kaffree Roma brands announced a number of wide-reaching initiatives of enhanced benefits to continue its commitment toward people and community.

During an all-staff event on Saturday, Sept. 17, the ANF Operating Board shared their vision of the company as well as updated benefits to its employees. One part of the plan is a commitment for further investment to support a new product launch scheduled for 2017 that will create an exciting shelf stable segment of vegetarian meal solutions in the healthy living space, which solidifies the future of the company.

As part of the long term commitment, the Operating Board also announced a number of employee benefits in support of its workers and community. The cornerstone of the plan is an effective increase …

New Chik’n Chunk Line

Want more information about our new Chik’n Chunks line that is launching?  Just click below and learn more about our canned vegetarian and vegan meal options.  Cans keep the flavor fresh and preserve your favorite foods for up to two years!  They are completely eco-friendly and sustainable. Be kind to your body with delicious plant based meals.  Be kind to the planet by recycling and re-using.

Learn more about Atlantic Natural Foods vegan and vegetarian products:

Fight Inflammation With A Vegetarian Diet

Inflammation is our body’s natural response to injury. Its purpose is to prevent, stop or reduce damage and aid in the healing process. You’ve probably seen inflammation in your own body. Ever bang your knee really hard and it becomes swollen? That’s inflammation. The blood vessels around your knee have expanded to allow more blood, oxygen, protein, antioxidants and nutrients to the area to fight off any bacteria and repair any damage that occurred.

So, in a way, inflammation can be a good thing. However, too much inflammation in our body can be painful and can trigger symptoms such as joint pain (ex: arthritis), abdominal pain (ex: Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and asthma.

You may notice that when you eat certain foods, you have inflammatory responses such as an allergy, stomach cramps, joint pain or headache. Common sense tells us that if certain foods cause inflammation in our bodies, we should avoid …

Fishless Tuna Melt Casserole Recipe

The classic tuna melt casserole is one of our favorite comfort food recipes, especially during winter.   This warm, hearty dish has all the necessary components of a satisfying meal- cheese, pasta and protein! Our vegan spin on this classic dish is sure to please even the most discriminating palettes. It provides all of the warm gooey goodness without any harmful or high in fat ingredients.

Here’s how to make it for your family!

What you’ll need:

1 (16-ounce) package of your favorite macaroni (corkscrew works great in this recipe!
2 tablespoons Earth Balance buttery spread
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour (Quinoa or chickpea flour also works great instead of all-purpose flour)
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
3 cups almond or rice milk (or your favorite non-dairy milk)
2 cups Daiya shredded style ‘cheese’ in cheddar, divided
3 ½ 5 oz. cans or 1 ½ 13 oz. cans Atlantic Natural …

Are You Doing Any Of These 5 Common Habits That Zap Your Energy?

Are you feeling tired after a full night of sleep? Do you crash mid-day, especially after lunch time? Many of us have been engrained to believe that this is just the ‘American way’, burning that midnight oil and fueling it with a jolt of java when we need it. The truth is, fatigue, like a headache, muscle ache or runny nose, is a symptom that something isn’t right with your health. Taking a pill for pain or downing a cup of coffee to fight off fatigue only addresses the symptom, and not the root of the problem.

Fatigue can often be a symptom of something we are doing wrong. While there can be many different causes, we’ve listed below some of the most common. It’s also a good idea to check with your physician.

Here are 5 common causes of fatigue

Not drinking enough water: Being tired can be a sign …

Anti Aging Foods: Beans, Beans The Magical Fruit

When we think about anti-aging, we tend to first think of creams, facials, supplements, surgery and other treatments.

In our insatiable quest to remove wrinkles, we’ve missed one very important factor in the fountain of youth: nutrition.

Anti-aging is a concept that can be thought of in terms of prevention and treatment. For prevention, nutrition plays a large role in how we age. When it comes to our skin and how we look, we are what we eat. If you want to let Mother Nature help you grow old gracefully, you have to eat foods that are packed with anti-oxidants, nature’s own ‘better than Botox’ remedy.

These super foods as we like to call them, are disease fighting compounds that help our bodies naturally fight the signs of aging by boosting our immune system so that our bodies can successfully destroy free radicals.

Anti-Aging Super Food- Beans

You might be surprised to learn that …