Turn the Tide with TUNO, Press Kits & Additional Resources

Atlantic Natural Foods is on a mission is to provide affordable, sustainable, and healthy sources of plant-based protein for all lifestyles to enable people to live healthier, longer lives.

For Press Media, please utilize the following downloadable links to access files in regards to Turn the Tide with TUNO campaign.

Press Releases & Media Kits

Turn the Tide with TUNO Press Release: Download

About Atlantic Natural Foods & Loma Linda Brand: Download

Downloadable Images for Release

Loma Linda Logo: Download

Turn the Tide with TUNO Images: JPG1  JPG2  Video

TUNO All Flavors: JPG1

TUNO Lemon Pepper: JPG1  JPG2

TUNO Springwater: JPG1  JPG2

TUNO Sriracha: JPG1  JPG2